Jewelry Every Woman Should Own in 2021

The right accents can put the finishing touches on the perfect outfit. These embellishments help women present a polished, put-together look from fashion jewelry to precious metals and rare gems. But it's easy to get lost in the allure — filling jewelry boxes with pieces that will never get worn.

How many cocktail rings or teardrop earrings do you need? In 2021 we are taking a minimalist approach to the jewelry box. Let'sLet's look at the key pieces every woman needs in her collection for enduring, versatile style.

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Why Wear Jewelry

Women have been wearing jewelry for hundreds of years. At face value, it helps pull together the perfect look and boosts confidence. But the right pieces of jewelry can be more than a fashion statement. Fine jewelry can be a treasured gift that holds a lot of sentimental value. The right pieces hold significant value and can be a source of generational wealth to pass down to future children and grandchildren. 

Key Pieces for Your Jewelry Box

Building a jewelry collection requires a little bit of direction. You can spend a lot of money on pieces that will sit in drawers, or you can be strategic about choosing the right pieces that will see frequent wear. Here is what to look for.

A Delicate Necklace (or Bracelet)

A delicate piece of jewelry made from precious metals like gold or white gold is feminine. The dainty nature is minimalist by design and fits with basically any outfit. Birthstone pieces and single charms on a bracelet or necklace are good examples of delicate jewelry pieces. 

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A Set of High-Quality Stackable Rings

By default, the majority of wedding band sets are stackable rings that are worn together for significance. But this trend has now crept over to mainstream fashion, where people are stacking rings for all sorts of sentimental and trendy reasons. So stick with high-end, meaningful pieces and mix your rings how you see fit.

A Pair of Gold Hoops

Hoop earrings have earned a well-deserved spot on the list of classic looks that never seem to go out of style. If you buy high-end gold or white gold hoops, you can wear them daily with any outfit. A good pair of hoops are an effortless way to dress up your style without investing in a ton of pieces. Aim for a moderate size like 20 mm — anything smaller will basically be a stud.

A Pair of Statement Earrings

Here is where the teardrops come in. Choose one pair of statement earrings in tones that you wear regularly. If you are drawn to natural looks, choose earth tones. If you like to be flashy, choose something glitzy or metallic. If pink is your favorite color — go with it. The only requirements for statement earrings are that you like them well enough to wear them.

Something Cheerful (and Colorful)

Choose a simple necklace with a rainbow of colors for those days when you want something casual and fun. Wearing jewelry, even an understated piece, tends to be reflected in our mood. By wearing something cheerful, you are more likely to feel cheerful and act kindly.

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A High-end Watch

Luxury watches have a long history of measuring status and symbolizing sentiment. These pieces are often strongly associated with their owners and are passed down through generations as heirlooms. In the era of pocket technology, some may feel that a wristwatch is a bit dated. But there will always be a place for legacy brands like Rolex, IWC Schaffhausen, and Breitling.

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A Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring is a special statement piece reserved for formal occasions. Unless you are attending galas every week, you probably only need one. Choose a design that you love that goes well with most neutrals like black, navy, beige, and ivory.

A Pair of Diamond Studs

A pair of diamonds is another classic piece that never seems to go out of style. This clear gem that sparkles as the light catches it pairs with anything from blue jeans to business suits. Diamonds can be cut into various shapes, including round, oval, pear-shaped, teardrops, or squares to suit a variety of style preferences.

Something Sentimental

A sentimental piece can be anything that means something special to you. A friendship bracelet or mother's rings are the perfect example of sentimental pieces. These jewelry items evoke the warm and fuzzies when you wear them, which make you feel good.

Something Fun

A fun piece that you love can add a bit of whimsy to your wardrobe. For example, consider picking out an anklet or stackable bracelets that speak to your fun-loving, sociable side. When you wear it, you will feel lighter and open to new opportunities, which are important for growth.

A Pearl Necklace

While you are busy investing in classic pieces that never go out of style, add a high-end set of pearls to your collection. These staple pieces can be worn with almost any outfit, and because they never go out of style — they will be passed down to future generations. Spend a decent amount of money on your pearls as a token of generational wealth from your jewelry box.

The Conclusion

Building a jewelry collection means investing in the right pieces, balancing things that you like with the element of classic style that will stand the test of time. For example, is it ok to own more than one pair of earrings? Sure — but make conscious choices to buy pieces that will fit into your everyday style.

At The Crowns, we believe that stylish jewelry doesn't have to be expensive. Instead, we curate thoughtful collections of reasonably priced pieces that showcase your creativity, personality, and variety. Shop our collections today.

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