10 Jewelry Trends To Watch In 2021

Identity is more important than ever to today’s fashion audiences, particularly Millennials and Gen Z. Jewelry is significant in how we express the little quirks that separate ourselves from others. 

This identity extends beyond color preferences and stylistic flourishes. Issues like fast fashion, sustainability, and ethical treatment are major topics in the fashion industry nowadays...and for a good reason. Blending gorgeous looks with conscientious behind-the-scenes details is a match made in trendy heaven. 

Jewelry trends are rarely permanent, but these recent attitudes suggest some serious staying power. These are the jewelry trends you need to watch out for in 2021. 

Minimalism As A ‘Less Is More’ Statement 

Is minimalism boring and lacking identity? Far from it. ‘Less is more’ is a powerful saying for a reason, showing off an individual’s commitment to one or two focal points

Minimalist jewelry examples include classic gold hoops, a thin gold or silver chain, and simple bangles. Due to their lack of ornamentation, they can be matched with just about any outfit and style without much oversight. This is also a practical style for the busy worker or those struggling with executive dysfunction. 

“Wearing a few carefully selected pieces of jewelry can give a look of sophistication and elegance. Being minimal can still make a bold statement about you and your taste. If you focus on clean lines, dainty pieces, and overall simplicity, you will hit the mark every time.”

You Gotta Hand It To Ring Clusters

Why stop at one or two? Clusters of rings adorning your fingers straddle the fine line between funky and gauche, a style that speaks to the highly individualistic. 

Variety in thickness, color, and material is essential to getting the most out of this look. Try a few thin, plain rings juxtaposed with studded jewels or rainbow bands. Pair ring clusters with painted nails or bangles for a full-blown bohemian look that transcends easy categorization. Some prefer to adorn just one hand for an asymmetrical look, while others prefer to go all-out and decorate both. 

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Three-Layer Necklace Is Less Work For Maximum Impact

The three-layer necklace is a popular look these days. It hits the sweet spot between minimalistic and just a little complex, allowing for an artful middle ground. 

Three-layer necklaces layer nicely over a cute sweatshirt or a simple blouse, adding a little extra intrigue without swallowing up all the attention. That isn’t to say they can’t get fancier! Pendant options can take this look from subtle to bold in a heartbeat. 

“With minimalist jewelry, you can add some elegance or enhance your look without looking too extreme. If you want to choose minimalist jewelry, you need to select those unfussy, delicate pieces for your outfit. These pieces add a subtle touch without overwhelming your appearance.”

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Visual Irregularity For An Offbeat Style

Not all jewelry is meant to be balanced and neat. Irregular, blocky, and outright mismatched shapes add a splash of fun. 

Chunky pearls, stones, and slapdash beads are the go-to items for fashionable asymmetry. Gemstones, just like flowers, carry powerful symbolism that communicate everything from personality to culture. Those born in June could consider a moonstone or pearl bracelet for their next night out, while those born in February have stunning amethyst to top off their next look.

Go Gold Or Go Home

Neutrals are an essential part of any look, balancing out vivid colors or complex patterns with some visual breathing room. Gold, the warmer counterpart to silver, has been beloved for quite some time and won’t go out of style anytime soon. 

Add a glitter of gold threaders to top off your dress and heel combo. For those who don’t want to fuss with a lot of dangling pieces, a smattering of gold studs will stay out of your hair while providing a pop of interest. Gold is a fancy addition that doesn’t have to be garish, able to be elegantly slotted into a cute casual look or your upcoming interview. 

Beads Are The Perfect Nostalgic Touch

Remember making bead bracelets as a child? You don’t have to leave these adorable accessories in the past: beads are a colorful, dainty addition that inspire warm memories. 

There’s a homeliness to beaded work that transforms any outfit into something cozy and gentle. They’re not so complex they can’t still pair with a gold necklace or a pair of floral earrings, however. Their laid-back charm means they’re comfortable wherever they go.

Charm Necklaces To Bring Out Your Whimsy 

We’ve looked at chunky gemstone bracelets and cute little beaded bangles. Charm necklaces keep this jaunty train rolling with clusters of interesting designs that speak directly to your personality.

The single pendant is a powerful focal point, but sometimes it’s not enough. With a charm necklace you can toss a few together for a result that makes your next top sing. Like stars? Add them on. Want a few gemstones for your birth month? Throw them into the mix.

Getting Extra Creative With Your Wardrobe

This may come as a surprising tip. How is using what you already have a growing trend? As it stands, fast fashion is rapidly falling out of favor among buyers and businesses alike.

McKinsey found that nine out of ten Gen Z buyers believe businesses to have a responsibility addressing environmental issues, including fashion. A great place to start reflecting your values is changing your own fashion habits into something more sustainable and more creative. Fast fashion is defined as cheap manufacturing at the expense of the environment and workers. 

Consider revisiting your wardrobe for older pieces or tops you haven’t worn in a while. Instead of tossing them to the side, you might have a hidden gem that just needs a second chance.

Ear Climbers To Match Minimalism With A Regal Touch

The only thing more enjoyable than pairing rings with bracelets is pairing earrings...with earrings! Ear climbers travel up and around the ear for a regal look more people are falling in love with lately. 

Ear climbers are amazingly diverse. They can curl up and around the shell of the ear in the shape of a dragon or acanthus leaf. They can linger around the lobe in bold, geometric shapes. They’re easy to pair with threaders, to boot, and can turn your ears into mini art shows.

“Minimalism isn’t just a popular jewelry style. It’s also a popular decor and fashion style. People like minimalism because it’s simple, sleek, and timeless.”

A Custom Look For The Proud Individual

Some people need to take their fashion a step further. Custom jewelry adds extra, personal features that transform it into a one-of-a-kind purchase.

Custom jewelry gives you the opportunity to mix-and-match different parts into a unique result. If you’re a fan of gold chains but not crazy about pink, swap that pendant out for a soft, blue opal. If you want to go hog wild and add a cluster of moons and teardrops to your next necklace, it takes just a few clicks to craft your dreamy result. 

With customized jewelry, the only limit is your imaginations (and the availability of the shop, of course). 

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