“Beautiful jewelry at an affordable price for the everyday woman.” #affordablestyle
Our Story:
Finding good jewelry at an affordable price with creative variety is difficult. 
Our brand provides the complete package. All of our styles are priced from $14-$28 and incorporate the triad of what makes us the go to source for the newest trends: Creativity, accessibility, and variety.
We constantly evolve our shop online and release new products in limited quantity so each customer feels they have purchased something special. 
Each month, founder and fine artist Jacqueline Levine curates a limited drop of handmade and sourced jewelry styles from vendors all around the world. Every piece is carefully selected to create a rich source of options for our customers to choose from when they shop with us online. 
Good style does not need to be expensive. An eye for creativity and innovation for current trends is what makes us appealing to our customers. Treat us as your one stop shop for building your jewelry collection and sourcing the latest trends.