5 Reasons to Make Your Own Earrings

You remember making friendship bracelets in summer camp and that winter you tried to learn knitting. Both ended in disaster. You gave up crafting for years and decided Pinterest is just for looking, not doing. So why would you ever try to make your own earrings? It's easier than you think. Handmade earrings are the perfect gateway for harder crafts and an easy way to coordinate your favorite outfits.


One of the best things about handmade beaded earrings is that it's easy to fix mistakes. Unlike yarn work, beaded jewelry uses few knots. You aren't trapped in your design. If you string on the wrong beads, just remove them and re-try. You can make simple patterns then recycle the materials when your skills have improved.


Making your own earrings won't break the bank. Jewelry wire is inexpensive, so you can cut it up without any guilt. The most expensive pieces of hand-made earrings are the hardware: the hooks, posts, and rings you'll use to assemble your masterpiece. You can re-use those repeatedly for new looks, giving you endless options at a reasonable price. If you have a large earring collection, you can even take apart some current pieces and make something new out of the components.


You choose your own colors and design when crafting. Beads come in thousands of colors and shapes, so you can find the perfect match for your favorite dress or accessories. Choose a single large bead and a simple drop design for quick elegance, or put together hundreds of small beads in an elaborate design. You can make light-weight earrings for long-term wear or heavier designs for dramatic evening pieces. You're in control.


After your first few pairs of hand-crafted earrings, you might run into a problem: you won't want to stop making more. Beading is the perfect way to keep your hands busy while watching Netflix, chatting with friends, or listening to audiobooks. Luckily, jewelry is a great gift. Your friends will love customized earrings designed for their fashion sense. If you introduce the hobby to your friends, look out. You'll soon spend all your spare time meeting your girlfriends for crafting circles.


If any of your friends or family have sensitive ears, you've found the perfect solution. Because you choose the components when you craft, you can use nickel-free hardware for all of your creations. Never again will you have to worry about wasting money on jewelry your recipient can't even wear.


Creating your own jewelry gives you so many options. You can follow fashion trends or create your own sense of style. Start with something small, and you'll be creating beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and beaded earrings in no time.



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