The Ultimate Guide to Minimalist Jewelry [2021]

Accessorizing is a vital part of your wardrobe, but you may want to keep the jewelry to a minimum. Those large and chunky pieces can make your appearance seem too busy. Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” When you are putting together your outfit, follow these tips from our ultimate guide to minimalist jewelry

Why Choose a Minimalist Jewelry Piece?

When you add a minimalist jewelry piece, you never have to worry about your appearance. Today, minimalist jewelry is making a fashion statement. You might have heard about the minimalist look for your interior spaces, but fashion and jewelry are starting to jump on a similar concept. 

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With minimalist jewelry, you can add some elegance or enhance your look without looking too extreme. If you want to choose minimalist jewelry, you need to select those unfussy, delicate pieces for your outfit. These pieces add a subtle touch without overwhelming your appearance. Many people use minimalist jewelry to give their look a more clean and simple style. This type of jewelry can complement those big, bright, and bold patterns in your clothing. 

Some of those tiny pieces are great for a wardrobe with neutral colors. The clean design can provide you with a polished and refined look to your everyday clothes. You can wear these dainty pieces for every occasion. If you check out the latest fashion influencers or celebrities, they also have been rocking the look of minimalist jewelry. 

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Wearing Multiple Pieces of Minimalist Jewelry

Since you are going for a simple look, you might be wondering about wearing multiple pieces of minimalist jewelry. After all, you don’t want to overwhelm your look. However, it is fashionably acceptable to add one or several types of minimalist jewelry. 

You can pair these pieces on several body parts or focus on one area. For example, on your hand, stack several small rings together. You could also add a single ring to each finger for a more refined look. With minimalist jewelry, your appearance will not look too cluttered or busy

Does the Jewelry Need To Be the Same Metal?

When you wear jewelry of the same metal, it can make a great statement. However, with minimalist jewelry, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire. Whether you want silver, rose gold, or gold, you can create a unique look. 

Since minimalist jewelry is elegant and dainty, you never have to worry about ruining your look with different metals, stones, or designs. In fact, it might create the perfect focal point of your outfit

Here’s a look at some minimalist pieces to add to your jewelry collection.

a rose quartz druzy leaf charm pendant necklace

Minimalist Necklaces

Many necklaces are designed to go with only certain types of outfits. These heavily stylized pieces might only work with certain outfits or colors. When you have a large necklace, all that attention is drawn to that area

With a minimalist necklace, there are no issues. You can wear these pieces at a casual function or black-tie event. Those simple gold necklaces are the perfect addition to any outfit. If you have a long chain, make sure to pair it up with a simple choker for a great look. 

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Minimalist Earrings

Minimalist earrings are the perfect option for those who want to pair them with other pieces. Since they are smaller than other types of jewelry, you can find earrings with greater levels of designs. Silver and gold earrings look stunning in a small drop design. If you want to add some color, choose an earring with a color gradient in the metal or select a piece with a tiny stone. For those with multiple ear piercings, pair these earrings with various sizes and metals. 

Minimalist Rings 

Rings are the most common type of jewelry, and many people use them every day. There are plenty of rings that are too clunky or big. If you want to choose a minimalist look, it might be time to keep those pieces in your jewelry box. 

With a minimalist ring, add some style without overwhelming your hand. You might not even notice that they are there. Just slip them on, and you are ready to go. These rings can complement any style with their simple and delicate designs

You might want to place them on one finger or add several rings over your digits. When you choose a minimalist ring, you can even stack and swap them over any of your fingers. 

a gold plated bangle

Minimalist Bracelets

Minimalist bracelets are another great addition to your minimalist look. You can pair them or add several to your wrists. With a gorgeous cuff design, you can even layer these bracelets on your wrist. 

However, a singular bracelet looks stunning by itself. If you pair it with a watch, you might want to stick to a similar design or color for that extra pop. For those who want to go from a casual day look to a fantastic evening appearance, make sure to choose a minimalist bracelet. With these pieces, you can get the maximum style out of your wardrobe. 

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Buying a Piece of Minimalist Jewelry

If you are looking for an excellent gift for a friend or yourself, make sure to select a minimalist piece. These types of jewelry can match anyone’s personal style. For a more personalized touch, you can even find a stone that corresponds with your friend’s birth month. 

With these gifts, your friend or family member will have daily reminders of your love or friendship

Minimalist jewelry is a great way to accessorize your wardrobe. With these pieces, you can finish off your look without overwhelming it. Now that you know the basics of minimalist jewelry, be sure to add some room to your jewelry box

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