Minimalist Fashion Tips for 2021

Most of us recognize that fast fashion is unsustainable - for ourselves or our precious planet. The cheap labor, mass production, poor-quality materials, low costs, and waste are all reasons for us to reconsider the fashion we purchase. Most people go through clothes like they’re disposable, but they aren’t. Growing awareness of these and other issues has led to a trend of minimalist fashion

Minimalist fashion is consciously shedding the need for more and more and embracing a simpler way to think and purchase. Minimalist fashion can be less stressful, save you time and money, and do the planet a huge favor. It’s an excellent way to benefit yourself while reducing your carbon footprint. 

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How Does a Minimalist Dress?

Don’t panic - being minimalist isn’t a pseudonym for being dull. Your carefully chosen minimal wardrobe will make you feel good. It will create less clutter in your home, be easier to organize, and hopefully, won’t put you in debt.  

If there’s a mantra for minimalist fashion, it’s ‘Buy Less, Choose Well, and Make it Last.’  

As you build your minimalist wardrobe, here are a few things to remember:

  • There is no set number of clothing articles that qualify as minimalist. While one person may have as little as ten items, you may be minimal at 30. It’s not about the number of items. 
  • A minimalist wardrobe can be clean and simple and still be fun and colorful.
  • Minimalism is about getting to know your tastes separate from societal pressures. It’s about only owning what you love, whether or not it’s trendy
  • Ridding yourself of all the excess will wondrously make more room in your mind as well. To purge is good. 

Minimalist Fashion Tips

Here are fashion tips to make the most of your minimalist wardrobe:

1) Monochrome

Choose a base color for your wardrobe that will make coordinating pieces easier. Your accent pieces can add color and interest.

2) Texture

More than adding color to your monochrome wardrobe, you can also add texture. A variety of textures will keep your wardrobe from becoming boring.

3) Dress it Up or Down

One of the best benefits of a minimalist wardrobe is that its simplicity means it can be easily dressed up or down. A simple white tee with jeans can be casual or dressed up with a bright jacket and colorful heels. 

4) Keep it Simple

When you pull together your minimalist outfit, resist the temptation to over-accessorize it. You don’t need bulky jewelry or an overabundance of other items. It will take some getting used to, but simple is better.

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5) Layer it Up

During the winter months especially, layering your items can add interest and style. Layering will also keep you warm, avoiding the need to bulk up. For instance, consider a slim-line dress, layered with a scarf, a light jacket, and finally, a trench coat. Not only will this ensemble look fabulous, but the layering will also give you opportunities to add color and texture.

6) The Cut and the Fit

Consider the silhouette of your outfit. No matter your body type, find fabrics and styles that flatter you and make you comfortable. Minimalism isn’t about conforming to someone else’s style or wearing what looks good to other people. Experiment and discover what looks good on you and what makes you feel happy to wear.

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7) Stick with Your Style

When you find your minimalist style, stick with it. Don’t be dissuaded by anyone who doubts your new way of living. It’s okay to adjust or upgrade your style from time to time, as long as it’s about improvement and not conformity. Don’t be afraid to relish your newly found style. 

8) Start Slowly, then Ramp it Up

As you build your minimalist wardrobe, take your time. Finding your style isn’t an overnight process. Choose your initial items carefully for their ability to coordinate with other items easily. Look for essential statement items first, then slowly get creative.

9) Social Media

When you need a little inspiration on what to add to your growing wardrobe, consider social media. Pinterest, Instagram, and even Facebook are excellent sources for finding out what’s trending in the minimalist fashion community. Find people whose style you love and who have a similar body type and size as you. It will help you know what may look good and give you fresh ideas of what to consider next. 

10) Focus on Quality

This is where minimalist fashion differs the most from fast fashion. Instead of focusing on just having loads of items, minimalism looks for fewer but better quality items. Having fewer items means having to wear each item more frequently. If it’s poor quality, it won’t last or look good for very long. 

11) Rotate Your Clothes

Once you’ve built a good wardrobe, cycle out your older items as you buy new ones. This will help you not to accumulate a lot of stuff over time. As you rotate out your clothes, don’t trash them - donate, sell, or gift them. 

12) Organize Your Closet

Organizing your closet will help you pick your outfits if you organize your clothes by patterns, clothing types, colors, textures, or styles. You will be able to visualize your outfits without pulling everything out.

13) Be Adventurous

When you’re out trying to find your style, or even when you think you’ve already found it, be adventurous. You may be surprised at what will look good on you or what you may enjoy wearing - particularly if it’s a style you’ve never considered before. Don’t limit your experimentation to styles. Get creative with colors, textures, and fabrics. 


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14) Don’t Forget Accessories

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you have to skip accessories. Choose gorgeous jewelry items that are simple, with clean lines and purchase handbags that compliment your style without looking clumsy. 

The Bottom Line

Minimalism can be a grand adventure in helping the planet while you discover exciting new things about yourself. Begin by decluttering your closet, keeping only what you really need. Then build your new minimal wardrobe piece by piece with quality items that coordinate to produce a look you’ll love. 

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