Dainty Necklaces: 20 Styles You Will Always Wear

If you tend to stay away from jewelry because most fashion pieces are heavy and bulky — the minimalism of dainty jewelry may be the perfect solution. Embrace your femininity and boost your confidence at the same time with a simple dainty necklace. We have rounded up 20 styles that we think you will love!

In fact, chunky statement pieces like bib necklaces are on their way out in favor of more classic pieces. In 2021 we love small statements of bold color in adorned hoops and dainty necklaces that add just a little something to the neckline. 

Personalized Pendants

A small disc pendant on a dainty chain that features a single letter is the best way to personalize your jewelry. Newlywed brides can embrace their new last names with an initial, or the single ladies can choose a letter for their first name. There is no wrong way to wear personalized jewelry as long as the letters mean something to you.

A Delicate Jeweled Choker

Ribbon and bedazzled chokers are out, and elegant, dainty rhinestone chokers are in. Pair a little something dainty with a lace-trimmed, low neckline for a sophisticated, feminine finish. Or, layer with a collection of necklaces to create a unique look.

A Single Pearl

Update the classic strand of pearls looks with a modern take by pairing a single pearl with a dainty gold chain. The classic beauty and symbolism of the pearl is the perfect way to add a minimalist touch to a dainty chain.

Dainty Y-Neck

Modern elegance doesn’t have to be bulky. You can highlight your low v-neck dresses with a complimentary y-shaped necklace draped around your neck. Choose something with a small gauge gold chain and minimal beading to keep the light feel and simple look.

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Token Pendant

One role that jewelry plays is to symbolize our personal tastes. Choose something meaningful and choose a simple necklace with a significant charm like an elephant, ladybug, or cross.

Eternity Necklace

Go sentimental with your necklaces by featuring engraved metal eternity rings on a delicate gold chain. Mothers and grandmothers often use these necklaces to keep their loved ones close to their hearts.

Milestone Markers

If you are stuck on symbolism, you might choose something with a specific meaning to adorn your dainty necklaces. A lotus pendant on a simple gold chain is good symbolism for new beginnings.

Vertical Pendant Necklace

A vertical pendant hanging on a dainty gold chain is the perfect way to add a tiny bit of color or personalization. You can engrave a metal pendant with any name or phrase of your choosing. Or feature a gem, a colorful pendant.

Memento Pendants

Engrave anything meaningful onto a gold pendant and place it on a dainty chain. Paw prints from furry companions and baby heartbeats are great choices.

Birthstone Necklace

Birthstones are rare gems that signify birth months. These gems have biblical origins and a long-standing place in our culture. These gems offer a unique way to personalize jewelry. Feature a single gem in a pendant or pair it with a meaningful phrase or other personalization for a classic dainty necklace look.

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Good Vibes Dainty Necklaces

Look for dainty chains adorned with healing crystals or sundials to represent good vibes and welcome more positivity into your life. Even if you are skeptical about the power of healing crystals, like gems, they add elegant beauty to any piece of jewelry.

Throwback Pendants

Embrace your history with something nostalgic from decades past. Or get the feel of nostalgia with an antique-looking pendant. Choose something fun and whimsical, like a sloth or elephant, to keep it light.

Locket Necklaces

A classic take on minimalist and dainty, locket necklaces allow you to personalize with pictures and inscriptions. Lockets come in different shapes, with hearts being the most common.

Charm Necklaces

Speak to your personal sense of style by displaying charms on a dainty chain that represent your life. Your interests, values, and dreams are all meaningful for selecting the right charms to adorn your necklaces.

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Hidden Message Necklaces

Some pieces of jewelry have dual purposes. At first glance, they appear to make a fashion statement, but upon further examination, there may be a hidden message or meaning in the pendant selection.

Gemstone Feature

Necklaces can be both decorative and dainty. A few small beads strung together on the center of a dainty chain necklace can add just the right amount of color while keeping a minimalist tone.

Geometric Shapes

Pendants come in all shapes and sizes. Take a departure from the typical style and use a triangle-shaped pendant. A circle or even a rectangle are modern, simple styles that can be worn alone or layered.

Lucky Necklace

A gold coin representing a lucky penny, a jeweled horseshoe pendant, or even a four-leaf clover provides a bit of luck symbolism to keep around your neck at all times.

Seasonal Embellishment Necklace

A simple gold chain adorned with tiny snowflakes is the perfect accessory for Christmas dinner or a winter recital. A sun can signify happiness or a love of summer. 

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Ombre Embellishment

A small amount of tiny glass beads arranged in an ombre pattern on a small chain is the perfect balance between minimalism and a touch of color. This arrangement gives you a variety of colors, expanding the flexibility of matching the necklace with a variety of outfits.

Dainty Necklaces: Final Thoughts

Dainty necklaces are the perfect accent for a barely-there look to button up any outfit. These necklaces are great for casual outfits and daily wear and equally pleasing with formal gowns and business attire. And, if you are looking for a way to dress them up, they are perfect for layering.

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