What is gold plating?


Gold plating is when a layer of gold is placed on to coat the surface of another metal. This is done by a process called electroplating. Gold plated jewelry is not 100% solid gold, so extra care should be taken to maximize its lifespan. 

How do I take care of my gold plated items?

Anything plated will eventually tarnish with time and wear. To decrease the chances of fading out, here are easy ways on keeping the luster of your gold plated jewelry.

-Avoid spraying perfume or hairspray and any other chemicals on your jewelry.

-If you have applied lotion; wait until it is fully dry to avoid any reactions with your jewelry that may tarnish color over time.

-Oil, nail polish, nail polish remover, chlorine, and perfume may react with metal/plated jewelry and cause it to tarnish.

-This pertains to sweat as well, so make sure you remove your gold plated jewelry when you exercise or do any heavy lifting. Especially if you are going for a swim or doing any water related activities.

-Clean your plated jewelry regularly with a cotton ball or a very soft cloth to remove dust or dirt. Gently rubbing the surface of your gold plated jewelry using a soft jewelry cloth, helps restore shine. Avoid using a polishing cloth. This will strip away the plating.

-If you need to clean your jewelry a bit more, soak it for a few minutes in soapy water, and  clean it with a soft cloth. Avoid jewelry cleaners and antibacterial soaps that may have ingredients that will make your gold plated jewelry tarnish more quickly.

-To avoid scratching, wrap your jewelry in a soft cloth once you have finished cleaning, and keep it in a jewelry box separate from other types of jewelry you have. A small zip-locks bag works great.

-Store similar pieces together. Do not store gold plating and silver plating together. The different metals will cause each other to tarnish, fade and/or turn colors. Have different storage places for different colors of metals like gold and rose gold. Store in a dry area.