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fine art + fashion blend to create a unique collection.

painted stone, leather, and metal combine to create styles for the inspired. 


I love how I can customize my charm and chain necklaces! They are so pretty and dainty and can be worn at any length. Great for the price! 

Elizabeth Cannon

I always struggle with large earrings pulling on my ears, but these are so light and durable. I still get that look without the weight of a cumbersome earring set! 

Jennifer Moons

The bracelets are sooo cute! I love to stack and wear them with both my day and night time looks!

Michelle Argon

The dainty leather drop earrings are so light and don’t pull on my ears! Love the material and the color! 

Moira Haslow

Definitely worth it, all the pieces are a great bang for the buck! Super cute and super affordable! 

Sasha Spears