The Best Minimal Jewelry Pieces [Buyer's Guide]

Are you looking to invest in some minimalist jewelry? Minimalism isn’t just a popular jewelry style. It’s also a popular decor and fashion style. People like minimalism because it’s simple, sleek, and timeless. 

But, finding the right minimal jewelry pieces can sometimes be tough. What should you look for when buying minimal jewelry? What staple pieces do you need? Keep reading this buyer’s guide to learn about the best minimal jewelry pieces.

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1. Hoop Earrings 

Woman earring hoop earrings

Every woman needs a pair of hoop earrings. We recommend getting a pair in both silver and gold. We also recommend buying small, medium, and large hoops. Here’s what you need to know about each size:

Small Hoop Earrings 

Small hoop earrings go with pretty much any outfit, and you can use them to dress up a more casual-looking outfit. Hoops that are about 1.5 inches or smaller tend to be the most versatile. 

Small hoop earrings are subtle yet eye-catching and sophisticated. They flatter most face shapes, and they’re particularly great for anyone who has medium to long hair and likes to wear their hair down. The petite silhouette looks particularly chic against flowing locks

Medium Hoop Earrings 

Medium hoop earrings are another must for your minimalist jewelry collection. Medium hoops are 20mm to 40mm in size. These tend to be the most popular size of hoops, as they’re equally flattering and versatile.

These earrings flatter all face shapes, and they look great with all hairstyles and hair lengths. You can pair your medium hoop earrings with both casual and dressy outfits. These earrings can also add a serious boost of style to a simpler look, making them a great option for changing up your style with just one accessory.

Large Hoop Earrings 

Large hoop earrings have a stylish, bold look while still maintaining a minimalist edge. These earrings are great for occasions when you want to make a subtle statement or want to wear something that will stand out on a special occasion. 

These earrings can flatter every face shape, but they do tend to look best on those with angular, elongated faces or those with wide faces. Large hoop earrings can also look flattering with any hairstyle, but they do tend to pair best with chic updos and other styles that pull the hair away from the face. A pulled-back hairstyle will help bring more focus to the earrings.

2. Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces are another minimal jewelry piece that you need to have in your collection. We recommend buying a few different pendant necklaces, so you have some options for each outfit. 

We also recommend choosing a pendant necklace that’s either primarily gold or silver, as this will make it easier for you to match the necklace with a variety of outfits. Wearing pendant necklaces with a touch of color or with unique shapes can be a great way to diversify your outfit without wearing jewelry that’s too loud. 

When choosing what pendant necklace to wear, you first want to consider the occasion. If you’re headed to a concert, a pendant necklace with a gold star can be a fun look. If you’re having a date night, consider a pendant necklace with a rose quartz stone attached to it. 

When putting on the pendant necklace, consider your face shape. If you have a heart or rectangular-shaped face, attach the necklace at a slightly shorter length so it can flatter your jawline. If you have a round face, then attach the pendant necklace at its last latch so it can help elongate your face. 

And, if you have an oval face, you can experiment with the length of the necklace, so it suits your outfit. 

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3. Dangly Gold Earrings

Dangly gold earrings are the perfect piece of minimalist jewelry for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their outfit. Dangly gold earrings have a dramatic and attention-drawing look, and they go great with minimalist outfits that need a touch of color. 

For example, you can pair your dangly gold earrings with a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and black ballet shoes. To add a little more statement, we recommend wearing some bold red lipstick, as this will help draw attention to the face and to your earrings. 

If your ears are double-pierced, you can also pair your dangly earrings with a pair of small hoop earrings. When it comes to pairing dangly earrings with necklaces, be careful what you choose, as you want your earrings to be the star of the show. However, you could pair them with a simple pendant necklace, as this won’t draw too much attention away from the earrings. 

If you want to pair your dangly gold earrings with a dressier outfit, we recommend wearing them with a little black dress or any type of dressy black outfit.

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4. Gold Bangle Bracelets 

Pile of gold bracelets


Every woman needs some gold bangle bracelets to complete her minimalist jewelry collection. The great thing about gold bangle bracelets is that you can wear just one to complement your outfit, or you can wear a whole stack of them. 

You can dress your gold bangle bracelets up with a jumpsuit or a stylish skirt. Or, you can even pair them with shorts and sandals. 

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Are You Ready to Invest in Minimal Jewelry? 

Now that you know about the best minimal jewelry options, it’s time for you to decide which ones you’re going to invest in

All of the above jewelry pieces will help take your look to the next level. Of course, you should always research the jewelry store beforehand, so you know that you’re investing in quality pieces

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