How Do You Wear Minimalist Jewelry? Stunning Ideas for 2021

Wearing a few carefully selected pieces of jewelry can give a look of sophistication and elegance. Being minimal can still make a bold statement about you and your taste. If you focus on clean lines, dainty pieces, and overall simplicity, you will hit the mark every time. As with any fashion, you want to make it your own. You can do this by not being afraid to experiment with different pieces, sizes, shapes, and combinations. 

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Why Wear Jewelry At All

If the goal is to be minimal, why wear jewelry at all? Jewelry not only completes the look of whatever you're wearing, but it can also compliment your features. Earrings, necklaces, and rings can adorn your body and give it grace that you can't get any other way. Even if it's a casual day and you aren't wearing anything special - your jewelry can elevate your look. 

Our jewelry also tells our story. We can look at quality pieces and remember when we purchased it or when it was given to us. Our pieces represent our journey and where we would like to go. Older pieces are just as lovely (maybe more so) as brand new buys. 

Our jewelry symbolizes our commitments, priorities, and a representation of things we hold sacred. We can wear jewelry pieces today that we will one day pass on to someone else. 

Whatever your jewelry means to you, we know it means something. Even the daily ritual of putting it on is comforting and grounding. 

Choose Your Pieces

Choosing the pieces that you wear daily or for special occasions is an enjoyable task. But here are a few tips to help you select the best pieces to compliment you and your look effectively. 

Think Simple and Clean

If minimalism is your goal, the first thing to keep in mind is keeping it simple and clean. The big advantage of choosing simple pieces with clean lines is that you can layer them to make a bolder statement - but still minimal. Examples of simple, clean pieces are a single stone pendant on a necklace or a slender silver or gold band on your finger. 

Geometric Shapes

You can have fun with geometric shapes. This is an excellent way to wear pieces that are interesting to look at but remain simple in their basic structure. You can still have clean lines and make a bold statement without over-complicating your look. They're usually made of thin materials, so hold true to minimalism. An example of a geometric shape is a star-shaped bracelet or square dangling earrings. 

Dainty Earrings

What could look more elegant than a simple stud earring (or two)? If they are of a high-quality stone, they can add a delicate shimmer to your face that's natural and flattering. If elegance isn't your aim, you can try earrings in the form of a flower, a star, or some funny caricature.  

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Beaded Effect

A beaded effect should be a signature move for minimalists jewelry wearers. The look is still simple, but it is eye-catching and elegant. Keep the beads small and in subtle colors. The beading should be localized for maximal effect.  

Delicate Bracelets

Don't forget those wrists. A delicate bracelet is flattering and statement-making. A simple chain with or without a small accent piece or a slender bangle is lovely. You can go as far as a bracelet cuff that's larger than most minimalistic jewelry, but it can still be seen as minimal with a classical flare if worn alone.

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How to Wear Them

Now that you have the pieces you'd like to wear and have an idea of the look you want to create, here are a few tips to keep it minimal. 

Limit How Much You Wear

When you have several pieces of jewelry you love, it's tempting to wear it all. But a much more dramatic statement can be made if you limit how much you wear. The goal should be to make a single statement with your jewelry, not multiple. This means you should avoid having so many pieces on that the eye is drawn to several parts of your body or outfit at once. 

Show Off Your Earrings

Whichever earrings you choose to wear, you want them to be seen. If you're wearing your hair down or out, don't let it cover up the little masterpiece on your ear. Tuck your hair behind your ear, or better still, wear your hair up where the earrings will be on full display. 

Keep Your Lines Separate

When layering necklaces, which look amazing, by the way, keep the lines separate. Overlapping can lead to tangling and a cluttered look. So choose lengths that will give each chain and pendant its own space. This also means not letting your necklace hang over the neckline of a busy blouse or letting your bracelet slip under the cuff of your shirt. 

Get Creative

Though you're wearing only a few select pieces, there is still room for creativity.   

Stack Statement Pieces

One creative way to take several pieces and create one bold yet minimal statement is to stack pieces. You can maintain clean lines and simplicity by wearing a couple of rings or bracelets together. You can also wear a choker with a lovely necklace. The only rules here are not to go overboard with the stacking and not to stack large pieces. 

Wear You Lariat Backwards

Consider wearing jewelry pieces in slightly different ways than usual. A long necklace worn backward, so the pendant gently graces your back, worn with a backless top, can be simply gorgeous. A lariat, which is a long necklace with a chain extending from the center of the necklace with a pendant on the end, can look especially good worn this way. 

Remember the Charms

Charms may seem like the token of maximalism, but they can be used in a limited way to achieve a minimalistic look. Instead of a bracelet full of bulky charms, just a couple of well-placed smaller charms can look just as eye-catching.  

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Final Word

Just because it's simple and understated doesn't mean it's boring. Your jewelry is a part of your identity and can take any outfit to the next level. Be creative and have fun with it. 

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