DIY Your Own Dainty Minimalist Necklace

If you love jewelry, you’ll love creating your own. It’s wonderful to shop for unique pieces and find exactly the piece you had in mind. But more often than not, you don’t find exactly what you want - you find ‘close enough.’ Even if you don’t have any problem finding the jewelry pieces you love, it’s fun to let your creative side loose every now and then.

Why dainty jewelry?

Dainty jewelry is best described as delicate, small, comfortable, and beautiful. In other words, dainty jewelry is perfect for fashion minimalists. It adds an elegant and chic touch to any outfit and any style. The statement it makes is simplistic and bold at the same time. Dainty jewelry provides the wearer with accessories that polish and upgrade their appearance. 

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How to make jewelry dainty? 

Even if you don’t have a full array of tools and supplies for jewelry-making, you can make a few lovely pieces with just a few items. One of the best sources of materials for making new jewelry is your old jewelry. A single earring, necklaces you don’t wear anymore, broken pieces, etc., can all live a second life as a brand necklace.  

Here’s a list of tools to start:

  • A pair of small pliers
  • Bits from your favorite pieces that you can’t wear anymore
  • Your imagination

A super easy necklace you’ll love

We know how tragic it is to lose an earring, especially if they’re a pair that we absolutely loved! More often than not, we hang onto that lonely one earring, hoping that we will one day find its mate or out of pure sentimentality. But here’s a way to repurpose that lonely earring into a lovely new necklace.

The materials: 

  • A chain (at your favorite length) - you may purchase a new one or use one you already have.
  • Single earring
  • Jewelry pliers

The steps:

  1. Remove the earring hook from the earring. 
  2. Remove the jump ring that may still be attached. Hopefully, your earring is left with just a single small hoop attached to it. 
  3. Thread it onto your chain. 
  4. Enjoy your new dainty necklace. 

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How to make a stone and tassel necklace

This playful necklace has a stone and a colorful tassel, and though it’s a little more crafty, it can be a fun mini-project.

The materials:

  • A plain chain (length of your choice)
  • A precious stone of your choice
  • Bead cap
  • Embroidery thread or purchase a pre-made tassel 
  • Connecting rings
  • Small pliers
  • Clear craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Small wooden skewer

The steps:

To make the stone

  1. Using the bamboo skewer, apply a small amount of glue to the underside of the bead cap and attach it to the top of your chosen stone. 
  2. Allow the glue to dry before you attach it to the necklace.
  3. Loop a connector ring through the top of the bead cap. 
  4. Close the loop around the necklace chain.

To make your tassel (if you aren’t using a pre-made one): 

  1. Take a bunch of embroidery thread together and cut twice as long as you want your tassel to be. 
  2. Fold the threads together in half through a connecting ring.
  3. Take another thread and tie it around the threads at the top, nearest the connecting ring.
  4. Double knot the string to ensure it will hold the tassel firmly in place.
  5. Trim the dangling threads neatly and to the length that you want your tassel. 
  6. Find the center of your necklace and attach the tassel to it with another connecting ring.
  7. Use your pliers to tighten the ring securely, so you don’t lose your tassel or stone.

Enjoy your gorgeous tassel and stone necklace. 

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Dainty minimalist necklace

If you’re lucky enough to find shaped jump rings, you can use them to make this simple and beautiful minimalist necklace.

The materials:

  • Silver chain (length of your choosing)
  • Silver star-shaped 10 mm jump rings
  • Silver 4 mm jump rings
  • 2 mm small loop steel cable chain
  • Silver 12 mm lobster clasp
  • Jewelry pliers 

The steps:

  1. Measure out the length of the chain you want and clip it there.
  2. Attach a jump ring to one end and put a lobster clasp onto the jump ring. 
  3. Note, when you open your jump ring, bend it sideways with the pliers, slip the chain link on, and bend it back.  
  4. Put a jump ring onto the other end of the chain.
  5. Clasp the two ends together and pull the chain together.
  6. With the chains pulled tightly together, you now locate the center of the necklace.
  7. Using wire cutters, cut the chain right in the middle.
  8. Using a round jump ring, attach the star-shaped jump ring to an end of the cut chain. 
  9. Then take another jump ring and attach the star to the other end of the cut chain.
  10. Enjoy your gorgeous new necklace.

Easy and trendy choker

This classic choker will be a welcomed addition to your jewelry collection.

The materials:

  • Black suede or leather cord lace
  • Ring-shaped connectors and charms
  • Assorted sized jump rings
  • Fold-over cord ends
  • Barrel or spring clasps
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

The steps:

  1. Decide on the length of cord you want. The standard length of a choker is 12” - 14”. 
  2. Cut two lengths of 14” cord (remember, this will be folded in half). 
  3. Fold each cut cord in half.
  4. Take one folded end, put it through your ring-shaped charm (still folded), and tie it in a cow hitch knot
  5. Take the folded end of the second cord and put it through the other side of the ring-shaped charm (still folded), and tie in a cow hitch knot. 
  6. Take the two loose ends of each side and carefully line up the cords.
  7. Attach a fold-over cord end to each side. 
  8. To each cord end, add a jump ring. 
  9. To one end, add an extender (if needed) and a clasp.
  10. To the other end, add the necessary jump rings.  

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Minimalist necklaces in a nutshell

Even though so many lovely necklaces are available, it’s always a great thing to create your own. You use precious items and make them the size and length that works for you. It’s a fun process that will grow your jewelry collection with trendy pieces.

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