Undercover Agent: How to Glam Up Without Being Too Obvious

Each person has their unique own way of expressing themselves, and that is what makes the world so beautiful. Some girls love to go all out with the makeup and the outfits. Others would prefer to be a little more understated. And that is just fine. This article is for those girls who want to glam up, but don't want to look like they are trying too hard. The struggle is real. Here are a few awesome tips to help you look your best, while still maintaining that chic, dignified attitude that makes you who you are!


  1. Choose only one part of your face to "glam up." The first step when doing makeup is choosing what you want people to notice about your face. If you want really dramatic eyes, go for it. But choose a more understated color for your lips. Or, switch it around. Do simple eye makeup, but plump up those adorable, kissable lips. By choosing one part of your face to "pop," you can show off your glam without looking overdone.
  1. Focus on gorgeous hairstyles instead of a lot of accessories. Maybe you are not a big jewelry person, and that is okay. You don't have to wear three rings and a long necklace to be beautiful. Instead, invest some time learning a few hairstyles that will knock the socks off your friends. A stunning hairstyle, while it doesn't scream "glam," will go a long way in impressing other people.

  1. Use layering techniques to enhance your look. Blazers, boleros, jackets, wraps, sweaters, blanket scarves... the possibilities are endless. These handy pieces will be your best friends in building a classy wardrobe. Having extra layers will show people that you put a lot of thought into your outfit and keep you looking sharp. They are also usually really comfortable, which is a huge plus. Have fun matching colors and styles and let the compliments start flying!

Being glamorous doesn't always mean being loud. These few tips demonstrate that understated glam is just as attractive. Whatever your style and personality is, you can own it with pride. 

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